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It all started over ten years ago when the founding members of Pure Plant Herbals were caring for a 17 year old dying Chihuahua dog named Chulita. She was prescribed many medications to stop her incontinence, keep her bowels functioning, help her wasting syndrome. After several months of meds, nothing helped her. So we brewed up some THC rich cannabis in olive oil and gave it to her. In just under a week she was able to eat, gain some weight and not pee in the house anymore. Later we learned that CBD rich cannabis could be added to help her inflammatory condition. We were all able to live out her life in relative comfort.

Several years later, one of the founding members was unable to stop her debilitating migraine headaches. Although she has much knowledge of alternative herbal medicine, cannabis was not recognized for it’s therapeutic value at that time. That all changed one spring day when a severe migraine from hell stopped her in her tracks.  Unable to rest or work, no conventional meds were suitable. An organic gardener friend had stopped by offering some herbal comfort. Unaware she was given cannabis for the first time in 25 years, she made a life changing discovery. Rather than writhing in terrific pain for twelve hours straight in bed, she discovered that cannabis could alleviate the trauma in a very short time. She was able to rest comfortably for four hours and awoke with no migraine and a great appetite!

Expanding awareness of the herbal apothecary to include cannabis has increased our ability to assist many people with varied conditions. We look forward to hearing how our formulations have helped you.


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