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“Thank you so much! Pure Plant Herbals CBD is a life saver! Suffering from intense anxiety attacks for the last two years, I have not been able to sleep or function well without taking addictive prescription medication. Only taking one half dropper of your CBD formula twice a day has allowed me to sleep all night long, be anxiety free, and return to a normal work schedule.”
— Steven D., San Francisco, CA
“I am so grateful to Pure Plant Herbals! I have had 20 years of severe pain and limited mobility with my hands due to Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). My conventional meds no longer provided any relief of symptoms. The CBD Rich oil formula has substantially improved my quality of life by reducing inflammation, pain, and returning function to my joints; and allowing me to enjoy my active life again!”
— Tina M., San Diego, CA
“I was having debilitating migraines; vomiting, headaches, auras, unable to get out of bed. The misery ended when I found a combination of CBD- Rich and GM would halt the migraine’s approach, turning it into just a mild headache. After a night’s sleep I would awaken without a hangover, symptoms alleviated. I can now enjoy my life.”
— Janis P., Grass Valley, CA
“Thank you Pure Plant Herbals for CBD to ease my anxiety during musical performances. AM also works wonders for me. It inspires creativity and focuses my attention during musical practices. You guys rock!
— Dan C., Aptos, CA
“After undergoing chemotherapy for treatment of cancer, I experienced terrible side effects. CBD Rich has been so helpful. I feel less pain, am more comfortable, have regained my appetite and weight, and sleep better. Thanks to you I can happily spend time with my kids.”
— Richard N., Santa Cruz, CA
“With Diabetes I can’t take any tinctures with glycerine or alcohol that are on the market. PPH is the first herbal medicine I can just add to food, making a delicious edible for myself. Thanks so much.”
— Thomas R., Soquel, CA

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